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Caring for unlacquered brass

What does lacquered and unlacquered mean? 

A lot of manufacturers use lacquer (similar to nail polish) to keep their products bright and shiny. Unfortunately after a while this lacquer will start to fail and fall off leaving an unsightly mess. 


Traditional products were never lacquered and tarnish over time by oxidising naturally in the air and through contact with water. They will take on the traditional darker tarnished brass colouring.


We follow the traditional method. None of our products are lacquered.


If you wish to retain brightness clean with a non-abrasive metal polish such as Brasso or Autosol using a soft cloth. They must not be cleaned with scourers, vinegar or denture cleaning tablets!

  • Write By: Joanna-Pope
  • Published In: ROOT
  • Created Date: 2016-08-15

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