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Choosing period latches and locks

Choosing period latches and locks

Latches and locks are similar but different. Basically a LATCH enables you to simply open and close a door whereas a LOCK allows you to open and close the door and keep it closed by locking it usually with a key.

To complicate matters further both latches and locks can be either RIM or MORTICE latches or locks

Rim locks and latches.

Basically a RIM lock/latch is fitted to the external surface of the door and is sometimes referred to as a BOX lock/latch. 

Rim latch (below) has no key and can be locked by sliding the thumb latch across. These suit bathroom doors or anywhere you want to lock yourself in!

Rim locks (below) are fitted on the external surface of the door and are locked with a key. These suit many applications.

MORTICE locks and latches.

A mortice lock or latch is fitted into edge of the door (internally) leaving a much neater appearance. Modern mortice latches are tubular in form. (shown below) 

A mortice lock can be simply a lock with no knob or lever. This is known as a Dead Lock. (below)

 A mortice lock which is operated by a knob or lever is known as a Sash Lock. (below)

Left or Right handed ? 

When ordering a RIM lock be aware of the strange trade anomaly whereby if you want a RIM lock for the right hand side of your door then you order a left hand rim lock and vice versa. It’s something to do with which hand you would use without thinking to open the door.


After all that Cox’s can offer you RIM and MORTICE locks and latches in a range of materials, finishes and styles.

  • Write By: Joanna-Pope
  • Published In: ROOT
  • Created Date: 2016-08-16

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