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Plumbing terms made understandable. Male or Female?

Listening to your plumber who starts talking technical can be an embarrassing and confusing moment. Firstly you haven’t a clue what he or she is talking about and secondly he translates your blank uncomprehending look as intelligence and therefore assumes you do know what he’s saying. So over the next few articles I’m going to translate some terms into English.

Any thread about plumbing involves sex but let’s start with thread. In plumbing thread has always been expressed in BSP (British Standard Pipe thread). Even Europe uses BSP without realising it as does virtually the rest of the world except for those under American or Japanese influence.  So if you are in Abu Dhabi or Aberdeen your basin tap will have the same thread.


Now how does sex become involved? Simple, threaded plumbing fittings come with either a female or a male thread. The male thread is an external thread whilst the female is an internal and the male screws into the female.


Just like the real world you have fittings with 2 female threads and equally fittings with 2 male threads and also, very topical, one female and one male.


There you have it. Plumbers and sex.


More next time including sweated joints and why ½” bsp bears no relationship to the ½” on your tape measure.

  • Write By: Peter-Watson
  • Published In: ROOT
  • Created Date: 2016-08-30

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