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Alternative uses for reclaimed doors

A door is a door. Right?

Well no actually, reclaimed doors have many other uses  and here are a few.

Bed Heads. Either turned on their sides for a double bed or vertically for a single. Most doors are 6’6” long in old money or 1980mm in new . Plank doors are particularly good for this with the planks running horizontally.

4 panel doors tend to have longer top panels to their bottom panels and when laid horizontally this gives an unbalanced look. However you can put doors vertically behind the bed or cut 2 doors down and just use the longer or shorter panels. Stripped pine ,an as is  paint finish or sanded and repainted to suit your colour scheme.


Seat Backs.  Behind a kitchen table. One x 4 panel  as an upright back  with another 4 panel cut down the middle and used as sides to make a high sided chair.


Tables and Desks.   Realistically only plank doors can be used for this. They are flat along their length.  Panel doors will be recessed although do look good if you lay plate glass on top.

Doors can be mounted onto simple trestles, laid across tea chests,bedside cupboards or stools. There are bent metal legs available on web sites.


Furniture. Panelled doors cut into sections make useful small panels from which you can construct chests, boxes, cabinets . Your imagination is the limit.


Mirrors. Knock (read carefully remove)  the top panels out of a 4 or 6 panel door and replace with mirrored glass. Very effective against a wall – looks like another door. Cut the door into sections and make smaller mirrors.


Wall Panelling. Genuine reclaimed panelling can be expensive and hard to find . If you can buy a set of panelled doors , trim down the edges and butt them together and you’ve got a run of panelling.

Add a skirting board to the base to lift them a bit and a plate shelf at the top. Coat of paint and you’re away.


Chicken Run. Two doors leant on edge against each other with wire at the ends .


And so on and on.


Finally. Firewood.  At the end of the day a really damaged or rotten door can be broken up and used as firewood.

  • Write By: Peter-Watson
  • Published In: ROOT
  • Created Date: 2016-10-20

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