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Bib Tap Buying Guide & Advice

What to consider when specifying your kitchen taps

Bib Tap Buying Tips! Just a few guidelines


A bib tap is a wall mounted garden tap – right?  Wrong!  Well partly wrong. Bib taps are used as outdoor taps but are also used as kitchen taps especially when using a Belfast sink.

There are 2 main decisions to be made:

  • Choose your finish: All bib taps are brass . Some are Chrome plated on brass whilst others have a Polished brass unlacquered finish. Chrome will stay bright and shiny whilst  Polished Brass will tarnish gently over time. Click for unlacquered brass care guide
  • Choose you design: There a 4 tap designs  and a number of fittings options.. 

1: Cross head traditional taps in both brass and chrome.

2: Quarter turn ceramic lever taps in both brass and chrome.

3: 1/2" Crutch head taps in polished brass only.

4: 3/4" bsp chunky crutch head taps in polished brass only . Ideal for cafes, bars, or where size is important.

  • Your taps can be deck mounted on the work surface  using standpipes.
  • Or  mounted externally on the wall using wall plate elbows and polished copper supply pipes to give a more functional working look.
  • Or wall mounted on concealed pipework .
  • All mountings can be extended further out over the sink with our 2” or 4” extension pieces.

Useless bits of information: A bib tap can also be known as a bib cock.  Cross heads are also known as capstan handles.  A Crutch head is also known as a T bar.

Most kitchen taps are threaded ½” bsp and supplied by 15mm copper pipe or plastic equivalent.

  • Write By: Peter-Watson
  • Published In: ROOT
  • Created Date: 2016-11-07

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