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Door clearance sale! Oh the possibilities...

You may have noticed our  door clearance sale which is on at present. 

 Over 400 doors at £20 each and a further 200 of the  the more expensive doors open to offers. Anything considered. The reason behind this is that we need more space for our growing railway bench business ( ). The door store is an obvious target. So far we have sold around 100 doors and all this has enabled us to do is bring more doors in from our storage containers to fill the spaces. So we have some way to go yet. Target date is end of February 2017.

We’ve had enquiries from as far north as Aberdeen and as west as Cardigan . One local couple bought 17 at random for a water mill they are converting in Normandy. As they said “ At this price we can afford to take a gamble. We’ll fit them in somewhere.”


It’s been an interesting exercise as we uncover doors we haven’t seen for years. Found 20 doors left over from all the office doors we bought after the 1996 IRA bombing of the Manchester Corn Exchange, a Grade 11 listed building. I think we had about 140 doors and these are the last remnants, all 5 panel 45mm thick with a letter box cut out in the bottom rail. The building must have been a hive of little businesses each with their own front door. Anyway,£20 each now, stripped but in need of a good sanding.


Which reminds me, earlier in 1996 the IRA had bombed London’s Canary Wharf district causing devastation over a wide area  . Even buildings not in the direct line of fire were damaged and we ended up with several artic  lorry loads of granite slabs. Cladding off tall buildings  that had been shaken loose by the bang and had to be taken down for safety’s sake. Wouldn’t want one of those landing on your head from 100 ft up!  Most of this was recycled domestically as kitchen work surfaces, wall cladding and so on.


But I digress. Back to doors. We have sets of 6 panel Georgian doors, Edwardian 5 panels,  4 panel 1930’s doors , loads of Vicorian multi panel oak doors or pine scumbled to look like oak.. Very few front doors. These have always been scarce., there being only one on a house and that one taking  all sorts of weather. There are door thick enough and at 20 quid each, cheap enough to adapt for front door use. Some arched doors, some glazed. All got to go.


Your really ought to call in and see for yourselves. Bring an estate car or pick up and a bit of cash and take away a bargain. We can ship around the country charging just what it costs us.


Hope to see you soon. 

  • Write By: Peter-Watson
  • Published In: ROOT
  • Created Date: 2016-11-22

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