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Reclaimed Door Sale Results

Did we sell any doors?

Well the door sale has produced some startling results. Majority of customers were happy to walk away with just one or two doors at £20 each. A gentleman from France bought 10. Didn't care about sizes as he hadn't built the door ways yet.

Other notables sales were bulk lots to other dealers and 161 assorted to an old customer from Japan. A selection right across the board from 200 year old plank doors to Georgian 6 panels, Victorian 4 and 5 panels right through to 1930s one over threes. Going in a container this coming week into which we are packing some furniture for him as well. In Japan some of the doors will be used as doors but a lot will be used as shop fitting backdrops, photography props and the plank doors as table tops on trestles, taking advantage of the battered weathered look of old paint and patina.

So our sale has reduced our stock by over 400 doors. We still have a couple of hundred to go so the the offer of £20 per door still applies. 

We've just sent to auction a fine set of flame Mahogany doors with "in your face brass"  mouldings and handles., originally from The Dorchester Hotel. These are spectacular. I can imagine them being used behind a top end restaurant bar or as the ultimate entry to a big boy's Den.

The auction is at Gazes in Diss, Norfolk on Saturday 25th February.


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